Metal Sheet


Consult and design metal sheet by 3D technology and forming metal as per customer requirement with our designer and professional team

Our Sheet Matal Machine and Process

We use an automated punching machine and laser cutting machine to cut the metal sheet. The equipment with a high capacity tool and a wide variety of standard features to ensure that part is produced faster, easier and high quality.

We use the high quality bending machine to manufacture the metal sheet. All the part is produced faster, easier and excellent quality.

We welding metal sheet, stainless, aluminium (Tig Welding, ARC Welding, CO2 Welding, Spot Nut Welding and etc.) by our professional team. We use modern equipment to produce the part accurately, endure and gorgeous.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

We great attention to the quality of part all the process. We use modern precision equipment and tools including management by our professional team to ensure the part that the specified standards and you enable to get a high satisfaction.

Sample Product of Sheet Metal

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