About Us

Our Company Profile

Sansuisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded on 4 May 2010. Now our company was 10th anniversary business operation in Thailand.

Our Vision

A leader in alternative Sheet metal, Coating, Energy storage container, Electrical box of business by using modern technology and environmentally friendly for the best benefit of customers and product development according to customer needs.

Sustainable Business Model

We have sustainable business and support along with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)


We strive for trust and satisfaction from the customer and stakeholders.


We can support manufactoring and develop product depend on customer requirement until delivery to customer (One Stop Service)

Our Mission

  1. Support the utilization of modern technology for high quality product.

2. Focus on new business opportunities.

3. Operate the government and customer policy for customer trust and loyalty.

4. Operate the environmental, social and governance (ESG).

5. Promote human resources to grow concurrently and sustainably.

Awards & Qualification

ISO 9001:2015

Sansuisha Group

Sakai Factory


Sakai factory leads in the newest coating systems, such as cation electrodeposition coating ad electrostatic equipment.

Shintone Factory

Shintone Industrial Park Cooperative Society has experts in various fields including processing, assembly, coatings and shipping for a comprehensive operation.

Osaka Factory


A thorough production system with the on-site survey, design, production, and on-site construction

Utsunomiya Factory

Utsunomiya Factory was established as a cooperative company when KUBOTA Corporation’s farm machinery production division expanded its business to the Kanto area.