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Metal Sheet Supervisor


Position: Supervisor

Department: Metal Sheet (Production 2)


Responsibility and Authority


     1. Receive orders from superior and manage the order to the work team    

     2. Check the operation of the work team is in accordance with the orders.

     3. Study data to analyze and improve work.

     4. Manage work documents

     5. Take care of work safety.

     6. Able to control and supervise subordinates

     7. Able to give advice and listen to the opinions of the co-worker

     8. Can plan, make decisions and manage tasks

     9. Other tasks as assigned by the superior


Job Specification


     1. Sex: Female / Male

     2. Age: Must be at least 25 years old

     3. Education:  Diploma Degree - Bachelor Degree (Mechanical, Electrical or Related major)

     4. Experience: at least 2 Years in Production Control and Machine control work (Will be an advantage)

     5. Knowledge and Special Skill

         - Metal Forming, Punching, Bending, Spot Welding, Cutting and M / C




         - ISO 9001 training and Internal Audit 

         - Good leadership and good management training

         - Occupational Safety training such as Safety Officer Supervisor Level, Safety committee 

         - Machine training e.g. Faro training


Tel: 09-1729-8139 (K.Walaiporn)


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