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Thailand Sansuisha Co., Ltd

Company Profile


A leader in alternative Sheet metal, Coating, Energy storage container, Electrical box of business by using modern technology and environmentally friendly for the best benefit of consumers and product development according to customer needs.




"A flexible business that reliably meets the demands of today"


1. Support the utilization of modern technology for the high quality of the product.
2. Focus on new business opportunities.
3. Operate the government and customer policy for customer trust and loyalty.
4. Operate the environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).
5. Promote human resources to grow concurrently and sustainably.


S = Sustainable Business Model
T = Trustworthy
C= Customization

Organization Chart

Award & Qualification

Sansuisha Group



+ Headquarter, Sakai Factory


Address:          2-6-36 Chikko-Shinmachi, Nishi-Ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka, Japan

TEL:                 +81-(0)72-245-3131 (main)

FAX:                 +81-(0)72-245-4603

Site area:          5,575 ㎡

Building area:  4,996 ㎡

+ Shintone Factory


Address:                                        1307 Nakayama, Inashiki-shi, Ibaraki, Japan

TEL:                                               +81-(0)297-87-3451 (main)

FAX:                                               +81-(0)297-87-3453

Building area of Factory One:     1,620 ㎡

                            Factory Two:      1,080 ㎡



+ Osaka Factory


Address:          2-3-7 Ayumino,Izumi-city,Osaka,594-1157, Japan

TEL:                 +81-(0)725-92-8600

FAX:                 +81-(0)725-92-8610

Site area:          11,094㎡

Building area:  5,063㎡

+ Utsunomiya Factory


Address:          31-6 Hiraide-kogyodanchi, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi, Japan

TEL:                +81-(0)28-662-1602 (main)

FAX:                +81-(0)28-662-3319

Site area:         11,830㎡

Building area:  6,785㎡